Monday, 9 February 2009

The Bushfires in Victoria

I can't bring myself to blog about my lastest creations OR my eldest daughter and her first day of starting school OR the happiness I had in sharing my hubby's birthday with him yesterday after the horrific year we had last year - my heart and emotions are going out to those who were caught up in the devastating Bushfires in Victoria on the weekend.

So many lives have been lost (at last count 108) and hundreds more homes have been wiped out.
Only one building is left standing in the, what was once so beautiful, Marysville.
Kinglake is around 30kms from where I live in Eltham - it's just so sad and the stories of people's survival is chilling.

For those that are reading please donate anything you can to the Australian Red Cross it will very much be appreciated in these extremely difficult times.

(The pictures you see were taken outside my backdoor last night.)


lyptis said...

terrible terrible times..:( so depressing..

The pictures are nice but chilling, so eerie!!

Chrisy said...

yes a sad sad time...i can't even imagine what it must be like...

ButtonsByLouLou said...

So many sad, sad stories.

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