Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hot, hot hot here in Melbourne!

If you live in Victoria or South Australia you will no doubt be super hot today and for the next few days.

"The furnace-like conditions were forecast to continue until at least Sunday, likely giving the city six days in a row above 40 Celsius for the first time since 1908, after Tuesday's top of 43.2 degrees.

As Adelaide sweltered, conditions further north were even worse with some outback centres reporting temperatures above 50 degrees, prompting health authorities to urge all South Australians to take extreme care.

The heatwave is continuing in Victoria today with 43 degrees forecast to hit Melbourne.

The Bureau of Meteorology says that Victoria's weather will remain hot for another week with temperatures mostly above 30."

To top it off it doesn't cool down overnight and our house (and surrounding areas) lost electricity for around an hour last night, the house quickly heated up, Miss 2 woke up and I did all I can to keep everyone cool with wet face cloths.

I was thinking about those beautiful and majestic King and cheeky Gentoo Penguins that we visited at The Melbourne Aquarium last Sunday, they were having so much fun swimming in the waters and playing on the ice.

My girls, as was I, were fascinated by these gorgeous creatures.

Celia's hair elastic by the lovely Lou from ButtonsByLouLou


lyptis said...

Ha ha 'furnice like' alright!

Fuck ur aircon turning off for an hour?! i havent even got one, neither have i got one in my car!
I feel like im gonna faint, have to drive to st.kilda today at around 11!

Pray for me!;)

michvanetta said...

I'll be praying for you Franz :)

I've got the girls and I in lock down today, we ain't going anywhere unless forced!

Chrisy said...

my sympathies to u all down that way...we're a nice 29 degrees up here in brisbane...

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Doesn't sound like fun..... I though we were hot in Sydney but no where near those temps!!

Thinking cool thoughts for you!!

Jan Allsopp said...

Just terrible. I've been watching the news and feeling for all my southern buddies. It's been bad enough here. I live right next to the beach and consequently don't have aircon because there is usually a breeze. No breezes here! But not in the 40's either. Yuck! Don't go anywhere! Are the schools open?

Owl and Fox said...

I'm suffering with you's so awful! A dead kind of heat with no relief.

*thinking cool thoughts*

I don't understand how people can go to the beach??? It's so dangerous, especially for the kids.

Melbourne Accommodation said...

The curtains are closed, the fans are on, the ice tray is restocked and there are four drink bottles half filled with ice in the freezer ready to serve... not looking forward to today where our temp is tipped to reach 44... ouch...bring on the 'cool' change of next week, I hear it will be in the mid 30's! Stay hydrated everone. Jamie M.A.

jodie nicholson said...

This last week has been insanely hot. The streets were empty when I was in Richmond on Thursday.

Stupid heat. Stupid stupid heat!

michvanetta said...

To top it all off we lost power again, last night, for around 5 hours. Andres and I got out the monopoly (Aussie style) playing with millions by candle light!

We continue domination tonight :)

billy boy & mia said...

I had a beach wedding to go to yesterday at the hottest time on the hottest day ever! Insane, was like standing in a hair dryer on high. . . ergh.
PS. I have tagged you in a blog game here, hope thats okay!

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Have tagged you for a blog game. Details on my blog. Lou.

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