Monday, 3 March 2008

Melbourne Motor Show

Yesterday (Sunday) my husband dragged (no pun intended) me and my young girls to the Melbourne Motor Show.

The line to purchase tickets was huge but it moved very fast and we were inside in no time. I was surprised at the amount of people there, although I shouldn't be as most of the viewers were male.

There were some amazing cars my hubbies favourite, the latest Land Rover:

and my favourite this gorgeous Austin Martin:

After the motor show we headed down to the Docklands and were caught up in the aroma of coffee, the Melbourne Food and Wine festival was on.

We had a beautiful lunch there and then got ice-cream afterwards.
All in all a lovely family day out in the city of Mebourne.


Kali said...

Sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday Mich ~ swish cars, I'm rather partial to Land Rovers :)

Leslie said...

Cars, Coffe & ice cream! doesnt get any better than that! I*m totally with you on the Austin Martin. I love those cars!

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