Thursday, 13 March 2008

A Birth - An Emergency - And A Birthday (and it's not even the end of the week....)

It's been a short week (Labor Day weekend) but a long week all at the same time for my little family.
It all started on Sunday when my nephew Indie John arrived into the world 3 weeks early at a tiny 4 pound 9. Both my sister and Indie are now at home and doing very well. He is so precious and so tiny and I'm so excited to be an aunty to my sister's child.

Then Monday night, my youngest, Celia (15 months) was running, tripped and went head first into the corner of the kitchen cabinet. She cut the middle of her forehead (right in the centre) and blood was everywhere. She screamed but quickly settled after my husband and I covered the wound with gauze and stuck it in place.

We ended up at emergency as the cut was quite deep. (which worked out in our favor as it was still visiting hours and I made a quick visit to my sister)
Thankfully she didn't need stitches but instead some special glue was used.
Hopefully she won't scar and we will monitor how it looks once the glue falls away in a few days.

Yesterday was Latesha's 5th birthday. I can't believe our eldest is 5 already.
She had a lovely day at Kinder, I was on Kinder Duty and made yummy and cute cupcakes for all the kidlets.

I'm looking forward to her party on the weekend, she's very excited too!


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

It all seems to happen all at once, doesn't it? You've gota great blog. I haven't had a chance to look at your Etsy shop - I've actually been reading your blog. :)

Congratulations on the birth of your new nephew - it's nice to welcome new members of the family. I'm happy to hear that your youngest got away without any stitches. And last but not least, Happy Birthday to our first born.

PS: That little lizard was too cool looking. You have some very interesting critters in Australia.

Anonymous said...
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