Sunday, 21 December 2008

4 days to go - meringue

I have made many of purchase from the lovely, witty & clever Jodie from meringue and I'm always thrilled when my package arrives.

The story behind meringue:
"I’m a Melbourne girl, I wear black - it’s an unwritten law if you live here. But I’ve always accessorised with colour, a great necklace or earrings, a fabulous scarf in Winter, I’ve even got shoes in cool colours but gorgeous handbags in styles that I loved weren’t as easy to come by. Sure, there was plenty out there but nothing that appealed to all of my style and price needs.
One day, out of sheer frustration, I pulled apart one of my store-bought handbags to see how it was made - and then taught myself to sew! I still have my first creation from 1999, a collaborative effort with my sister, made from vintage fabric our grandmother bought decades ago. That first little bag was a rather dodgy effort but it still managed to attract compliments from those standing far enough away from the less-than-perfect stitching. And that’s when Meringue was born."

I'm so glad Miss Jodie was frustrated all those years ago because I now have friends, family and myself wearing these wonderful wristlets, and everyone LOVES them.

Rocky Road Cupcake is all mine:

This Tzatziki Wristlet I am eyeing off:

Jodie uses exquisite materials for her creations, which always makes it hard to chose but they are so affordable - just go ahead and buy a few!
Be sure to check out her shop and read more about meringue here!


RocketGirl said...

ooo I think I need one of these!
hehe :)

Chrisy said...

...yes isn't it great how something small can happen that leads to something big...she's a real inspiration!

jodie nicholson said...

Thanks Mich!
You're wonderful. I'm so glad you like my work enough to tell the world. I'm chuffed!
And guess which earrings I'll be wearing on Christmas Day :)

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