Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mr Blue Tongue is back.....

.....I haven't seen him since last summer and just before lunch he was sunning himself on my back deck, I have missed him......(I have a fascination with lizards.)

When I first glanced at him I did get a bit of a fright, thinking I was looking at a snake but then I calmed down after realising it was only Mr Blue Tongue - hooray he's back!

I quickly, and quietly, ran inside to grab my camera and after taking these pics, then went inside to ask Miss 2 to come outside, but when arriving to the last place I saw him, he was gone.
Celia was a little upset that I had dragged her away from her "biscuit making" with Play-Doh....for nothing?!

But at least I have the pictures to show.

Until next time Mr BT.....


Leah said...

We have a family of them, I haven't seen them this year yet, but it's definately a sign of summer!

ruby-jo said...

He does look a bit like a snake in the first picture. That would have scared me too.

jenny said...
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