Thursday, 16 April 2009

Melbourne Comedy Festival

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has hit town and it's always a great time of year to go and have a good ol' belly laugh.

I've been fortunate to see the very funny and intelligent Arj Barker.
My hubby and I had a nice evening out together (which we hadn't done in absolute ages), we laughed and didn't want Arj and our night to end.

Last Monday I caught up with a very good friend of mine and we decided to go and find a show to see....after going through the list we found ourselves buying tickets for Jeff Green a UK comedian who is now living in Autralia, he was (of course) very funny, he had a wide range of gags and knowledge that was bound to hit a note with everyone sitting in his audience dury the hour long show.

Tonight I'm meeting up with more friends and we have tickets to The Best of the Edinburgh Fest which, this year, features Gordon Southern (UK), Jason John Whitehead (CAN) & Jarlath Regan (IRE) - can't wait!

If you live in Melbourne go and grab your partner, friends or family and see a show - it's guaranteed to be an excellent and funny night out!


AnastasiaC said...

oh i love comedy shows!! this one is always a great show...its always great to go out for a laugh!

belinda.moonmum said...

I agree... Comedy Festival is a great time of year in Melbourne! Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

lyptis said...

Sounds fun!

Hey, the second picture isnt showing(but maybe its just my computer)

Karin said...

Oh I usually go every year but not this year for some (not so good) reason. My favourite is Danny Bohy. Something about the dark skin and Scottish accent. :)

Sam said...

Ah! The legendary Melbourne Comedy Festival - wish I could go it sounds like so much fun!

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