Monday, 30 March 2009

New Etsy Store - Now Open

This idea was tossed around in my mind for a very long time, and I finally gave in and opened up a second etsy store named: koot.

You may wonder how I came up with the name so let me paint that picture, (so to speak); my youngest daughter Celia who is 2 years old is still (obviously) learning how to talk, when she sees something that is cute, she says, "Oh look Mumma, koot" so that's how it came to be and I love it!

In this shop I'll be listing alot of vintage lucite, destash, tags and whatever else takes my fancy, it's a nice and refreshing distraction away from my jewellery.

Large Vintage Lucite Purple Beads

Peacock Blue Hearts

I hope you can pop in and take a look around, I'll be listing alot more over the next few weeks.


lyptis said...

Love ur new shop Mich!

Especially love ur banner, ur name, ur stuff and ur avatar!
What a cute daughter u have!:)

DELiciousDesignz said...

Well done on the new shop - I think it is very "koot" too. Looks like you have had a few sales already aswell - lovely

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Great idea. Unfortunately Etsy is down for maintenance at the moment but will pop back another time. Hope it goes well. Lou.

Denise said...

Great looking shop Mich. Too Koot for words.

Natalia said...

Awww - sweet! Lovely photos too Mich!

Leah said...

Good luck with your lovely new store, I did wonder where the name came from ♥

Penny said...

I looove your photography of the things in Koot - really makes such a difference from a lot of the supplies shops on Etsy!

Ruby-Jo said...

Such a cute story about the name :) Good luck with your new store.

helena said...

Oh so you are koot! I love the name mich, seriously it's very cute/koot! lol xxxxxxxxxxxx Love the photos!! Wello done dear!

My Second Etsy Shop - koot

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Pelican's Belly
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