Thursday, 26 February 2009

Etsy DUST team swap

This was another fun swap with alot of the lovely members of DUST, the theme for this swap was "Love".

Liz from Buttonbowerbird sent me the most beautiful bouquet of buttons in pink, red and white.
It's so gorgeous and I can't stop touching it and twirling it around. I'm now in search of a lovely little and unique vase to keep this on my work desk.
It really does bring a smile to my face.

Liz if you happen to read this, thanks again.
And for all that are reading don't forget to check out Liz's creations in her online shop.


carmel said...

Lucky You!! It's beautiful :)

Leah said...

Oh, I love buttons flowers, lucky you!

lyptis said...

That looks very cool! I wanna have a button ball!

lyptis said...

That looks very cool! I wanna have a button ball!

MyVeryButton said...

This is soooooo lovely!! Is anyone having problem accessing Dust website? I have been trying these few days but with no luck...

michvanetta said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies!

I've had no problems accessing the DUST site, see if this link helps:

Anonymous said...

Thanks - it was lots of fun to make!

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