Monday, 12 January 2009

The Great Barrier Reef - Queensland

I'm back from my short break.
We were lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Blue Horizon Resort in Airlie Beach, Queensland.Our girls, Andres and I had so much fun swimming every day and spending so much time together.

We had a wonderful, full, day out out at Knuckle Reef in the Whitsundays.
We snorkelled around the Great Barrier Reef, took a ride in a semi-submersible submarine and a glass bottom boat, as well as going down the awesome waterslide that dumps you straight into the ocean - how much fun did we have? Loads I tell you!
A professional photographer was scuba diving taking photos of everyone, here's me snorkelling.

I took my eldest daughter, Latesha, out on a board. She was a little scared but I managed to coax her in...I loved having her with me in the middle of the ocean.

We did see alot of beautifully coloured fish, and I was thrilled when I saw the most gorgeous coloured, big, fish feeding on some coral, I tried to keep quiet and as still as I could be, while I watched and heard this stunning fish feed.
Whilst in the submarine we managed to see an awesome sea turtle, and for a split second I wanted him to turn around and say "Hey Dudes!"

All in all a fabulous time away, my girls and I have been watching Finding Nemo ALOT and now I'm ready to jump back into creating more pieces.


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Looks like that holiday was hard to take - NOT!!!! Hubby and I honeymooned in the Whitsundays on our own chartered yacht and fell in love with the area!!

Thanks for visiting my blog BTW!

Natalia said...

So happy that you guys had a great trip away! I'm quite jealous. :)

Chrisy said...

Just beautiful...and nice to read your thoughts re spending time with your girls...hope you can retain the 'feeling' of your holiday for a long time...

billy boy & mia said...

it looks amazing! i like that underwater shot :) Now I am wishing for a pool.

martita said...

that's just so lovely... water, sun, free time... gorgeous :) looking forward going on vacation too...

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