Friday, 7 November 2008

Ring - Earrings

I've been busy this week making these fabulous Ring - Earrings.
They're made with czech glass seed beads in a variety of different and delicious colours.

I made a pair for myself and Miss 5 (Latesha) said "Oh mum, I really love your new earrings, they're so pretty, can you make me some when I'm older -------please?"

They're a delight to wear, not to mention light and with alot of colour, perfect for any time of year.
Shortly after listing a pair of Turquoise Rings in my online store, they were snapped up, so I'm adding more to my shop.

I've also listed smaller versions in a set. For you and your best friend or simply keep them both for yourself.


Anonymous said...


Meekiyu said...

eep can't read french I assume comment above... i think she said your items are superb? lolol... if that is what she said then she is right... your little earrings have a great punch of color and they're also simple... perfect =D

Natalia said...

These are very sweet Mich!

earmark said...

oh i love them! i will have to go and browse your shop i think! wonderful blog too! :)

Hollymark08 said...

too cute!

threemoonbabies said...

These are so cool!

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