Friday, 5 September 2008

It's Spring

It's spring here in the southern parts of the world and I am loving spending time outside with my girls.
Celia is getting older and squeals with delight at her sister, and in turn Latesha loves showing her little sister new things.

They really get a kick out of jumping on the trampoline together and love when I get on there with them too.
I couldn't get a picture of me but here's a few of my girls having fun in the late afternoon sun.

My cheeky Celia (21 months old)

and Latesha (5 years old)


Giftbearer said...

How cute!

Hey Harriet said...

Awwww, such sweet happy photos of your girls. I'm loving spring in Brisbane right now. It's my fave season :)

Kali said...

Hi Hon, it's so lovely to see you back posting and creating beautiful pieces!
Your girls are so adorable and I am so happy to hear that your hubby is recovering well.
Take care and best wishes to you all.
xo, Kali

Giulia Mauri said...


ooh!here in the uk the autunm is at our doorstep...

Yes indeed, is so beautiful beeing outside when the sun shines ;)

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