Friday, 4 July 2008

I have become a blood donor

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I really don't think "Thankyou" is enough when it comes to all our family, friends and all those that helped my husband through his two neurosurgeries at The Afred in Melbourne.

So, on Tuesday I became a blood donor.

I was guided through the process from filling in the required forms, sitting with a nurse who asked more questions and did a finger prick test, to see how my blood flowed etc. Then off to the bed to lay down and have my blood taken. What an experience. I felt a little light headed afterwards but the nurses kept a close eye on me (because it was my first time)until they're sure I was ready to get up and have refreshments, which for me consisted of a cup of tea and two wonderous lollies. Later that night after putting my little ones to bed, I took myself off to bed too, to get some much needed rest.

I now wait another 12 weeks before I go through the process again.
If you live in Australia and have never donated blood before, I suggest you check out the website: Australian Red Cross Blood Service and consider saving up to 3 lives with one donation.


Sam said...

What a lovely thing to do to give back for your husband's care! I started doing the same after my dad's illness (leukaemia) when he needed so many transfusions. Well done! Your jewellery is lovely too!
xx Sam

DreamON said...

Bravo! Those other three say thank you!

Ali said...

such a great thing to do. Reminds us all that we can do little things that make a big difference. (and reminds me that I should donate again ...)

fede said...

So glad to see you back Miche & happy to hear your husband is recovering well. I can only imagine what a traumatic time it must have for you & your family. Hooray for you giving blood - reminds me that I should give it a go again after being rejected previously due to my past travel destinations. Hopefully I'm back in the clear :)

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