Monday, 14 April 2008

Blackouts and Picasso

Two weeks ago we had wild winds here in Melbourne, and I've got to tell you it was scary!

Alot of trees came down around our home and in nearby streets... so many suburbs were affected.

Our electricity was disconnected for 30 hours, thankfully it wasn't a cold night and we could do without the heaters.

We had fun, sitting around the table, at dinner, by candlelight and it felt great to know we can actually do without this source that we take for granted.


Last Thursday whilst doing the mundane job of washing clothes, miss 16 months came up to me with something pink around her mouth, I'm thinking what have you been eating until I saw the pink texta, on the kitchen floor, without the lid.

Fifteen minutes later whilst tidying the lounge room I saw the artistic work of my young picasso. I didn't know she was so talented, ha!

I tried so hard to keep in my laughter because I've only seen this sort of thing done on the movies. My 5 year old daughter never painted walls (although she did stick playdoh on instead.)

Here is the masterpiece by Miss Celia:


Kara said...

I love it - you should frame it!!!

missfire said...

Lovely eye for color! It goes so well with her couch!

Kim said...

You have quite the artist here.

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